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With your committee hard at work, you've established a blueprint for the way your event is going to unfold. Your theme, date and location are in place. You have a budget for components such as room rental, food, drink, and other desired options. Ticket price, attendance goals and, most importantly, the makeup of your guests, has been defined. Revenue projections are in place. Committee members are probably already out soliciting donated silent auction and raffle items for the affair. These gifts are typically liquor baskets, dining coupons, theatre tickets, sports passes, etc.

What's missing is the WOW FACTOR... the defining feature to focus attention, generate excitement and inspire your audience to not miss your show!

That's where Ocean State Charity Events comes in. We create a stand-alone complement of high-quality, affordable memorabilia and travel packages on a consignment basis and handle the complete sale.

12 Essential Keys

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1. Free Memorabilia/Travel Consultation - From our extensive resources we’ll help select the most appealing items suitable to your theme, your audience, your price-points and in the correct quantity. The goal is simple: Maximize your return!

2. Professionally Framed and Matted Pieces With Hand Cut Glass and Laser Cut Matting - Quality and value displayed in a manner to dazzle the eye and inspire generous bidding.

3. Customization and Atypical Requests Welcomed! - We’re always up to a challenge.

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4. 100% Unconditional Guarantees and Certificates of Authenticity!

5. Risk-Free, No Cost Consignment!

6. No Fees on Items That Do Not Sell!

7. All Profits Above the Consignment Rate Stay With You

8. Free Delivery and Professional Set Up!

9. Available Staff to Assist With Your Event

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10. Easels, Clipboards and Custom Bid Sheets Included

11. We Process Credit Card Purchases... AND WE PAY THE FEES!

12. Post-Event Follow-Through - We don’t just pack up and leave after an event. We join you in thoroughly analyzing the complete picture. Did we meet our goals? What memorabilia was sold and for how much? How did we do against past year’s programs, if appropriate. What worked and what could be done better?

"As CEO, I can't thank you enough for making our event such a success. Your support and memorabilia recommendations were right on.  And without the benefit of a Director of Development, your past experience made my job that much easier." -RI Center, Every Child Counts
If you’d like to talk with us about your plans or have questions, please complete the information form or simply give us a call at (401-602-8548)(401-602-8548) or email ( We look forward to talking with you.